Practice Plans

We have hundreds of practice plans available for you to use or get ideas from, which have been collected from coaching courses, books, interviews with coaches and watching sessions. Keep in mind that very few people are actually inventing new games here, just changing the approach or focus slightly. We recommend reading a few plans and then trying to adapt them to fit exactly what you are trying to help your players with on a given day.

To help you sort through topics we have tried to arrange them by the age of the player and roughly by theme. These are not set in stone though and a lot of plans can be adapted to work with players a few years older or younger. Similarly, some attacking plans make great defensive sessions if you just change the coaching points.

Target Age: Themes:
Title Age Level Players Description
GK 3 Goal Situation U15-18 Elite 13 Showing goalkeepers how to prioritize which areas to protect by dividing into three "goals" as areas to protect first.
GK Advanced Handling U15-18 Elite 9 Building on simple techniques to show goalkeepers how to take possession from various shots and situations.
GK Back to the Bar U15-18 Elite 12 Teaching goalkeepers how to retreat when a ball is played over their head towards the crossbar
GK Basic Handling U15-18 Advanced 14 Using correct form when saving the ball with hands. This practice teaches the correct technique for a variety of basic shot-stopping moments.
GK Breakaways U15-18 Elite 11 Working with goalkeepers to deal with a 1v1 breakaway situation.
GK Distribution U15-18 Elite 16 Punting and throwing distribution methods for goalkeepers.
GK Linking with the Team U15-18 Elite 12 Communicating and connecting with outfield players from the goalkeeping position.
GK Training the Backpass U15-18 Elite 14 How and why to pass back to the goalkeeper, working on technical form and tactical understanding.
Goalkeeping – Collecting the Ball U11-12 Intermediate 14 Working on shot stopping and other forms of collecting the ball for the goalkeeper.
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