E License Topics

The following are the current practice topics used on the USSF E License, as of 2014. As a general rule you get to teach one of them on the last day of the course – usually doing stages 2 and 3 but writing the plan for all of it.

Topic Description
Shooting – Striking on Goal Working on improving finishing in front of goal, starting with ball striking technique and moving to understanding of where and when to use it.
Redirecting Serves to Go Forward E license topic that we think is about receiving and turning with the ball from different angles.
Passing from Wide Areas Improving the technical ability of players to pass and cross the ball from wide positions and understand tactically when and how to do it.
Passing and Combining Teaching players to work together to beat defenders in various combinations, when and how to do them.
Passing Aerial Serves Learning to play the ball off the ground, working on technique and recognizing when it is an option in games.
Individual Defending Improving the ability of the first defender to stop the opponent and take possession of the ball in a variety of situations.
Individual Attacking Focusing on improving the success of the player with the ball dribbling to beat opponents and score.
Heading for Defense Teaching the technique of how to head the ball away with varying degrees of pressure and distance.
Heading For Attack Technical and tactical understanding of how to receive the ball out of the air and score with their head.
Goalkeeping – Collecting the Ball Working on shot stopping and other forms of collecting the ball for the goalkeeper.
Dribbling to Penetrate Improving technical and tactical ability of players to beat opponents 1v1 dribbling with the ball.


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