Director of Coaching Diploma


As clubs get bigger they are facing a wide range of issues that there was previously very little education concerning. The NSCAA created a Director of Coaching diploma to help staff who are tasked with running an entire club or specifically the Director of Coaching role: ranging from accounting to office management. As popularity has increased for the course, they are now offering an Advanced Director of Coaching Diploma.

This is a very interesting course with some pretty strong personalities currently teaching it. Over the weekend topics range from finance, to legal, to coach management and everything in between, from people who have actually walked the walk and/or continue to do so. It is highly recommended for your club full time staff. Our only issue was that it tended to be aimed at smaller clubs where the director is often the person that does everything. DOC’s who work at big clubs will not need a lot of the information if their job is specifically directing coaches.

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