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One thing the US leads in is the sheer number of coaching courses available to take. Having two competing national organizations (USSF & NSCAA) means twice as many courses as the average country. Most of the lower level courses are available locally and take only a few hours or a weekend. The further you get through the programs, the longer (and further away) the courses tend to get. Taking them usually means flying to the east or west coasts and paying for meals and hotels. The top USSF courses take more than a week, which for people with non-soccer full time jobs means using your vacation for soccer instead of trips away with the family. We have also interviewed coaches who have taken courses in other countries, including Daryl Willard who took the UEFA Pro License.

Below is a table of the ones we have reviewed so far. Click on the course title to see more information about each.

Course Host Target Audience Duration Cost
ASEP Coaching Principles ASEP High School Coach 50 hours $60
ASEP Sports First Aid ASEP All Coaches 40 hours $50
ASEP Beginner Coach ASEP Beginner Coaches 8 hours $19
Level 1 Diploma NSCAA U6-U8 4 hours $30
Level 2 Diploma NSCAA U8-U10 7 hours $50
Level 3 Diploma NSCAA Competitive Coaches 10 hours $70
Level 4 Diploma NSCAA U9-U12 14 hours $100
Level 5 Diploma NSCAA U11-U18 13 hours $100
Level 6 Diploma NSCAA U11-U18 19 hours $150
National Diploma NSCAA 6v6 Model 45 hours $Varies
Advanced National Diploma NSCAA 8v8 Model 45 hours $Varies
Premier Diploma NSCAA 11v11 Model 45 hours $1200
Master Coach Diploma NSCAA Highest Level Many hours $2750
High School Coach Diploma NSCAA High School Coach 21 hours $320
Director of Coaching Diploma NSCAA Directors of Coaching 21 hours $390
Special Topics Diploma NSCAA Varies Varies hours $60
Goalkeeping Level 1 Diploma NSCAA Team Coach 6 hours $50
Goalkeeping Level 2 Diploma NSCAA GK Coach 12 hours $75
Goalkeeping Level 3 Diploma NSCAA Gk Coach 18 hours $200
Advanced National GK Diploma NSCAA GK Coach 50 hours $675-1200
A License USSF 11v11 Model 70 hours $1250
B License USSF 9v9 Model 68 hours $1250
C License USSF 7v7 Model 70 hours $900
D License USSF Experienced Coach 38 hours $150
E license USSF Beginner Coach 18 hours $95
Goalkeeping License USSF Experienced Coach 64 hours $1250
Fitness License USSF Experienced Coach ? hours $1250
Y License USSF U4-U12 Coach 48 hours $575
Adult License USSF Adult Team Coach 24 hours $Unknown
TOPSoccer Coaching Course USYSA Special Needs Teams Coaches 8 hours $Varies
CPR Varies All Coaches 9 hours $75


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