E license

Organization Target Audience Duration Testing? Typical Locations Cost
USSF Beginner Coach 18 hours No Club, State $95

Their Review:
Coaching certification begins at the state level. The “E” Certification is an 18-hour course, which cover the elementary principles of coaching and prepare interested coaches for the 36-hour “D” license course. The “E” Certification course is only administered and instructed by State Soccer Associations. Please contact your State Association for information on these courses.

Our Review:
This is the first step on the USSF coaching course ladder. It is a basic course taken over a weekend, usually at a local club. Coaches are random club coaches - often from the hosting club. Unfortunately most of the reviews we have had of the course leaned heavily on the ability of the instructors, so if you get good ones this can be a good course, but if not... If you are an experienced coach you can no longer skip this course so it can be a necessary basic step along the way. If you are here for the education, this is not a bad place to start, and it will give you an idea of what USSF coaching courses are like. There is no formal testing at the end, but you can volunteer to run a session if you would like feedback. For a list of current coaching topics you will get on the E course, and suggested lesson plans for them. Click here.

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