D License

Organization Target Audience Duration Testing? Typical Locations Cost
USSF Experienced Coach 38 hours Yes Club, State $150

Their Review:
The “D” License is a 36-hour course designed for the experienced coach who has already received training at the “E” level or who has several years of coaching and/or playing experience. The focus of this course is to improve individual’s and team’s ability. The “D” License course is only administered and instructed by State Soccer Associations. Please contact your State Association for detailed information on “D” License courses.

Our Review:
The starting and finishing place for most coaches: the D license takes two weekends and includes a testing element on the last day. Courses are run by state instructors so can be very hit or miss. As of 2014 there is a mandatory 60 day waiting period between the first and second weekend, where you go away and practice coaching. The material on this course is useful as it teaches you what USSF instructors are looking for when they test your field abilities. There are some good topics and material to be taken from the classroom sessions too. As this is a non-residential course, there is no food or accommodation.

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