Build Your Club


A club is a business in that it has revenue, expenses and probably employees. To many people it can be more than just that though – it is a hobby or passion; it represents the local community; and it is an education service. Defining what exactly your club is and who it is for will put you a long way towards establishing how it will function. Knowing the landscape and setting appropriate goals will help you to decide whether you need employees and what their roles should be. With a structure in place you can register players, collect revenue, run a tournament and establish other fundraising missions. None of this is possible without customers though, and in youth soccer you are catering to a split model of customers, represented by both the players themselves and their parents.

In this section we talk to successful club directors and administrators about the day to day and long term planning aspects of their clubs.

Defining the Entity – In this section we discuss the importance of creating a philosophy and mission statement for your club. This includes the necessary steps to find out what your values are, how to organize them and where they should be presented. Club Structure– Here we talk about what your club should look like – in terms of the arrangement of employees and volunteers. The importance of having a reporting structure and the priority of which positions and facilities you need first.
Financial Management– First and foremost your club is a business, with money flowing in and out. It is vital that you keep track of all of this and draw up plans for the future, to make sure that your club survives and grows. Customers– Without customers you have nothing. In our customer section we discuss the role of players and parents, how to attract them, retain them and avoid conflict with them.

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