The 90 Minute Manager

The 90 Minute Manager
Genre: Theory
Publication Year: 2006
ASIN: 0273708309
ISBN: 9780273708308
"One way for a manager to enhance togetherness within the team is to highlight the existence of an external enemy - a siege mentality, a 'them against us' philosophy to engender team spirit"
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About the Book

One of the best books out there to improve your team management. Also if you are a director of coaching or other staff position in a club, this book is worth its weight in gold. The authors are business experts who turn their understanding of models and concepts onto managing and coaching in professional soccer. Most of what they say transfers to the world of youth soccer though. The book is written like a business textbook, with lots of subheadings and quotes, which makes it very easy to read. Of all the books I have read about soccer, this is easily one of the top five that most improved my coaching and team management.

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